Introducing Obelisco Collection


Published on August 16, 2018

Obelisks first appeared in ancient Egypt where they were symbols of sacredness and strength. They were erected in significant positions and often marked the entrances to temples. The ancient Romans were so impressed with their magnificence that they brought them into to the city of Rome and to other territories of their empire. Today, Rome boasts the largest number of obelisks in the world.

The symbolism of this impressive monument is its upward pointing structure – towards the sky – reflecting the direction of one’s dreams and aspirations. The jewelry possesses strong lines that evoke the perfection of symmetry, and the pyramid silhouette at the crown is a constant in each piece of the collection.

Echoing the power of the mighty obelisk, precision is the defining characteristic of the Obelisco Collection – perfect for a woman of confident elegance.

View select pieces from the collection below, and shop the entire collection here.





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